What is a Walk-in Bathtub?

What Is A Walk In Bathtub?

(Definition from Wikipedia.org)

Walk-in Bathtubs are specially equipped bathtubs that assist those with limited mobility, preparing for the future or disabled. Walk-in bathtubs enable the elderly, and those with mobility handicaps to safely enter and exit the bathtub without having to step over a 14″-17″ rim as is the case in a standard bathtub. Walk-in bathtubs also allow the elderly and disabled to safely take a bath without the assistance of another person.

Walk-in bathtubs have either an inward-opening or outward opening door which is self-sealing. Most walk-in bathtubs also have a chair height seat, but some that are the same basic configuration as a standard bathtub do not have any seat. In some instances, an inward-opening door may be considered a disadvantage because emergency access is impossible since the pressure of the water on the door is holding it closed. However, the advantage is that an inward opening door is ‘self-sealing’ due to the pressure on the water inside the bath assisting in maintaining a water tight seal. Outward swing doors are equipped with a special seal so that they will not leak.

Many walk-in bathtubs are available with hydrotherapy and/or whirlpool features, internal grab bars, anti-slip floors and seats, and handheld showerheads that can also be wall-mounted to enable one to take a standing shower.

Some bathtubs categorized as “walk-in” actually require a low step-in, as they have higher seats and outward opening doors that enable one to simply sit on the seat and pivot and swing their legs into the tub. This type of walk-in bathtub can be helpful to those confined to wheelchairs, and others with mobility challenges

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