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Find Out What you Can Expect to receive for the price paid. We promise our findings will match your own independent shopping results and give you an advanced buying guide!

3 ways to Buy a Walk In Tub

  • Online / Wholesale
  • Plumbing Supply Store (Through a Local Contractor)
  • In Home Consultation

Popular Walk In Tub Vendors under each category:



Important things to consider:

  • Who will give you a price over the phone?
  • Who will insist on an in home consultation and only release a quote after a 2 hour presentation?
  • Who will come to your home and take all measurements before an order is placed with a plumbing supply store and ensure a proper installation?


Premier Home Depot* Safe Step Jacuzzi Independent Home
(48″) (50.5″) (28″ x 53″) (30″ x 52″) Any Size
1 Various Sizes Yes Limited n/a n/a Standard
2 Hydo – Jet Therapy n/a n/a Standard Standard Standard
3 Air Jet Therapy Option Included Standard Standard Standard
4 Chromotherapy n/a Option Standard Option Standard
5 Aromotherapy n/a n/a Standard Option Standard
6 Hygiene Therapy n/a n/a Extra $ n/a Standard
7 Auto – Purge System n/a Included Standard n/a Standard
8 In – Line Heater n/a Extra $ n/a n/a Standard
9 Tub Extender Included Extra $ Extra $ Extra $ Standard
10 Ozone Generator n/a Included Extra $ n/a Standard
11 Fixtures Included Extra $ Standard Standard Standard
12 Delivery Drop Ship Extra $ Drop Ship Drop Ship Standard
13 Electric Extra $ Extra $ Extra $ Extra $ Standard
14 Installation Out of Area Extra $ Local Out of Area Standard
15 Warranty: Tub 1 Year 1 Year Life Time 1 Year Life Time
16 Phone Quotes Given No Yes No No Yes
17 Customer Service Rating ( 1 to 10) 9 5 7 9 9
18 Overall Quality (1 to 10) 9 7 7 8 9
19 Price $16k to $20K $12k to $16k $13k to $16K $13.5k to $15.9k $9,995
* American Standard

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