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Walk in tubs are not like any traditional bathtub. Unlike a standard bathtub, the Walk In Tub has a door to eliminate the step over the rim of the tub as well as a seat to sit down onto. If you would like to see a tub before purchasing; these companies offer a place for you to view the tub in your state.

This way you can actually attempt stepping over the rim of the tub as well as try to get up and out of the seat. Remember not every state will have a showroom and not every showroom will be in your town but if you can travel these companies will have a place for you to see a tub before you purchase.

Here you can see the tub and find out if the Walk In Tub will work for you. You can also better understand the product you are buying along with the quality of the tub. Showrooms will also be the best place for customer service and product knowledge. Please see our list of companies that offer a place for you to see a tub in person

We do not endorse any Walk in Bathtub Company in particular; however you should ignore the reviews that are overly negative or positive. Such reviews are not likely to offer a balanced view and some of them could be fake reviews posted to promote or demote a company.

It is always a good idea to check BBB ratings and make sure the company is licensed to do business in your State by asking for the companies IAPMO Approval as well as UL certification. Try to avoid paying an excess for your tub and keep your 3 day cancellation rights and warranty paperwork.

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  1. laura benson says:

    Hi, can you recommend a repair man that is familiar with these tubs in our area?
    Laguna Woods, CA. 92637.
    My door handle has a slight leak and I need someone to take a look.
    Thank you!
    laura benson 949 228-3391

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