Walk-in vs Roll-in

Walk-In Bathtubs vs Roll-In Showers

There are many differences between these products in terms of features and practicality. A roll in shower is more cost effective, but lacks many of the core features of a truly amazing bathing experience. There is almost a different mindset of someone considering the shower instead of a walk-in tub. Roll-in showers are more of an institutional product not an in home product.

  1. You can stand and take a shower in almost every walk-in tub on the market. You can get an extendable showerhead and adjustable riser rod to stand and take a shower just like a regular shower.
  2. There is no hydrotherapy or deep soaking available in a roll-in shower.
  3. Walk-in tubs have a permanent molded ADA compliant 17” seat for comfort and safety. You can place a seat or utilize a fold down bench in a roll-in shower, which is not safe or comfortable.
  4. Think about if someone needs to assist as you bathe or shower. With a roll-in shower they are physically in the shower with you, getting wet. With a walk-in tub they can comfortably stand or sit next to the tub and assist in the bathing process.

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