Walk-In Bathtub Installation

The great news about walk-in bathtubs is that there are no special licenses or requirements to have one installed. Your local plumber or general contractor can do a complete installation for you. Usually this includes removal and disposal of an existing tub, cleaning up the plumbing and pipes, installing the new walk-in tub, setting up all faucets and running power for the jetting system(s) if applicable.

Some of the companies you speak with offer installation as part of the package and some can recommend a plumber they have worked with in your area. Some of the companies you speak with will demand that they have to do the installation to honor the warranty. We’ve found little evidence of this being the case but it may be true. What if your family member is a plumber and you just want the tub? Find a company who will sell the tub direct without an in home evaluation.

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