Therapeutic Massage walk in bathtubs includes therapeutic spa massage jets. These jets are often referred to as whirlpool jets or hydrotherapy jets, spa massage and other such references.

Some companies will offer dual Spa or both jets and some companies will not offer any. Please understand that there is a difference between the different jetting options.

The first simple question to ask is whether or not they are offering Water or Air Jets. That is the simplest way of determining if they are Whirlpool (Air) or Hydrotherapy (Water) jets.

Once you know that the next step is whether or not you want the therapeutic jets. The jets do cost extra money but they are usually worth the additional fee ($500-$1500). Hydrotherapy involves the use of re-circulated water in the tub to push out water for pain-relief and treating illness. It is known as the water cure commonly used to alleviate pain associated with arthritis, blood circulation, fibromyalgia, rehabilitation of broken bones or replacements along with general pain relief.

These jets are more aggressive and could be too aggressive for the elderly clientele with sensitive skin. Whirlpool jets (air) is the suggested spa therapy recommended by most companies and physicians due to their softer jetting system and the fact that they do not re-circulate the water. Due to its softer pressure it can be used for a longer duration which should also help to eliminate ailments.

Air and water jets should include a purging system to clean out the jet streams. It is important to ask the name of the pump/motor of the jetting system to confirm that it is UL approved and has a purging system. The purging system is an automatic cleaning cycle that pushes out any remaining water in the jet stream to eliminate buildup, calcification and bacteria from forming.

Stay away from any pump that is not UL approved or that does not have a company that you can research. The pump should be manufactured in the US, UK or Canada.

Walk in bathtub companies do not manufacture their own pumps for the jets so they are buying them from someone and you deserve to know who.

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