Fiberglass vs Acrylics

Walk-in bathtubs are built with either fiberglass or acrylic molds. Roughly about 90% of all walk-in tubs are manufactured with fiberglass. Fiberglass tends to be less expensive than acrylic. When we’ve investigated this topic different positions were taken by different manufactures and they were always in support of the materials they use.

Fiberglass manufactures feel that the strength and rigidity of fiberglass is a better choice due to the fact that you have a moving part (the door) and this is not a traditional type of bathtub. Most utilize a triple gel coat epoxy that prevents discoloration (which is a traditional knock on fiberglass) “Think about what boats are made from” we heard from some as well.

Acrylic manufactures speak about the one piece, solid surface construction and the non-porous nature of acrylic. They feel it’s easier to clean and maintain and will never fade of discolor. They do however still use fiberglass to reinforce the tub mold.

We’ve actually found manufacturers that make both acrylic and fiberglass tubs which makes it hard to know which tubs they truly favor. It is also almost impossible for one to tell them apart from each other.

We don’t judge a company by the material just their customer satisfaction. (See Reviews)

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