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Getting Started

So you’re interested in a Walk in Bathtub? While there are numerous ways to go about buying one, here’s what the experts at have found to be the most effective way to determine your needs, evaluate your options and find the right dealer.

Every Bathroom is Different

Walk in Bathtub Review suggests that as each bathroom configuration is different and each person’s needs are not alike, it is not always easy to choose walk in bathtubs. The most viable solution can be found by viewing the following articles on the Walk in Bathtub Review site to view the different styles and sizes available.

Not All Walk in Bathtubs Are Made the Same

The manufacturers of fiberglass walk in bathtubs believe that the rigidity and strength of fiberglass is a better choice due to the fact that the door is a moving part. Acrylic manufacturers promote the one piece, solid surface construction and the non-porous nature of acrylic and feel it is easier to clean and maintain and will not discolor.

They do, however, still use fiberglass to reinforce the walk in bath tub mold and feel that the longevity of acrylic far outweighs the higher cost. Most manufacturers of walk in bathtubs use a triple gel coat epoxy which prevents discoloration Bathtub Review indicates that no special permits are required for the installation of walk in bathtubs.

Learn more about the differences between fiberglass and acrylic below as well as things to consider before buying a tub:

Walk in Bathtub Installations

Walk in Bathtub Review informs visitors that some walk in bathtubs can be bought from companies that will send representatives to the home to reach a better understanding of the requirements. Other facilities sell the product online or even over the phone. Customers who prefer to see a range of walk in bathtubs before purchasing will find the task a little less easy as fewer companies offer this service. The online Bathtub Review site offers comprehensive information that enables shoppers to educate themselves before they purchase walk in bathtubs.

Walk in Bathtub Review provides site visitors with an extensive list which includes suppliers of walk in bathtubs, walk in bath tub reviews, provider ratings, buyer guide information as well as additional articles. Walk in Bathtub Review indicates that walk in bath tub establishments are run exactly like other types of businesses and some will provide a better customer service, offer higher quality construction and/or have higher rates of satisfied clients.

A local plumber or general contractor can be engaged to handle the installation project. Bathtub Review informs that removal and disposal of the existing tubs, cleaning of plumbing and pipes, installing new walk in bathtubs and setting up all faucets should be included.

Reviewing Your Options

This is where Walk in Bathtub Reviews really excels. We have the largest database of unbiased user reviews anywhere. Before you buy a Walk in Bathtub from any company, you should first check out their rating on, their Better Business Bureau standing and AT LEAST three of their references.

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Walk in Bathtub Review also invites visitors to start browsing the Buyers Guide and then move on to the “Which Tub is Right for You” section.

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If you read the information suggested above you’ll be well on your way to selecting the right Walk in Bathtub for your needs!!!

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  1. David M. Adams says:

    Please send me information and pricing on tubs. No fiberglass! My concern with doors is leaks. How can I be sure water will not seep out.
    Are their gaskets?
    If the are gaskets are thy easy to removed and install?
    How often do them need to be replaced?

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